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Historically, steel fiber prices have been influenced by the following factors:

  1. Global steel prices: Steel fibers are made from steel, so their prices are directly linked to the prices of steel on the global market. Steel prices can be influenced by factors such as raw material costs (iron ore, coal, and other metals), energy prices, and global demand for steel products.
  2. Demand and Supply: The demand for steel fibers is driven by their applications in various industries, including construction, automotive, and aerospace. Economic growth and infrastructure development in various parts of the world can impact the demand for steel fiber products. Similarly, changes in production capacities and the availability of raw materials can influence supply.
  3. Government policies and trade regulations: Government policies on steel production, import/export restrictions, and trade barriers can significantly impact steel fiber prices. For instance, tariffs and anti-dumping duties imposed by countries can affect the flow of steel products across borders, influencing their prices.
  4. Currency fluctuations: Steel fiber prices can be affected by fluctuations in the value of currencies, as steel is traded internationally. A strong currency in a steel-producing country can make its steel products more expensive for other countries to import.

To give you a better shopping experience, we will set prices based on market trends, bring you more cost-effective options, and contribute to the development of the industrial production industry!The following is what you want to master and understand, let’s take a look!


Steel fiber price trends

Steel fiber price can be influenced by various factors such as raw material costs, production costs, demand and supply, and global economic conditions. However, as an AI model, I do not have access to real-time data and market trends beyond my knowledge cutoff date of 2021. Our prices are mainly based on market conditions to provide you with a cost-effective purchasing experience and to provide high-quality support services for more production industries so that our steel fiber can better serve you.

It is essential to note that steel fiber is not a commodity that trades on exchanges like other metals, and prices can vary significantly based on the quality of the fiber, its application, and the supplier. We will consult with industry experts and market reports to obtain up-to-date information on steel fiber prices and trends.

Application of steel fiber

Steel fiber is a type of reinforcement material that is used in concrete to enhance its mechanical properties. Steel fibers are made by cutting thin steel wires into short lengths and then adding them to the concrete mix during the batching process. The steel fibers are evenly distributed throughout the concrete, providing additional tensile strength and ductility to the material.

Some of the common applications of steel fiber in concrete include:

  1. Industrial flooring: Steel fiber is often used as a reinforcement material in industrial flooring applications where the concrete is subjected to heavy loads and abrasion.
  2. Shotcrete: Steel fiber is added to the shotcrete mix to improve its durability and resistance to cracking.
  3. Tunnel linings: Steel fiber-reinforced concrete is used in tunnel linings to provide additional strength and resistance to the concrete.
  4. Pavements and roadways: Steel fiber-reinforced concrete is used to construct pavements and roadways that are subjected to heavy traffic loads.
  5. Precast concrete products: Steel fiber is added to precast concrete products such as pipes, culverts, and retaining walls to improve their strength and durability.
  6. Bridges and other infrastructure: Steel fiber-reinforced concrete is used in the construction of bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructure projects where strength and durability are critical.

Our brand strength

We mainly produce Hooked End Steel Fibers and Micro Steel Fibers, with an annual production capacity of 55,000 tons. It is the largest steel fiber manufacturer in China. The factory has obtained
ISO9001/14001/45001 certification and the products have also obtained the EU CE level 1 certification and South Korea KS certification. Establish a joint laboratory with the Hebei University of Technology to conduct concrete-related experiments.

Over the years, Hengfeng has been making great efforts to improve the overall business and build a good image. First, measures have been made to achieve zero pollutant emissions. Second, an R&D center has been established to develop and research new products together with well-known colleges and specialists. As a result, our technology has witnessed big progress, and the products and equipment are taking the lead in the world.

steel fiber price

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