stainless steel fiber

Product: HF-6535,HF-8050,HF-8060
Diameter: 0.55mm,0.62mm,0.75mm
Length: 35mm,50mm,60mm
L/D Ratio: 65,80,80
Tensilr Strergth: 1200MPa
Type: Glued
Packaging: 20kg/bag, 1.25 tons/ton bag
Technique: Cold Drawn
Alloy Or Not: Non-alloy
Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
Delivery Time: 20-30days
Brand name: Sino East
Place of Origin: Tianjin, China
Features: corrosion resistance,high temperature resistance


Advantages of using stainless steel fibers:

1. Easy to operate and save time

2. High toughness, reduced thickness

3. Good integration, no air holes, more efficient

4. Save time and be more economical

Application of steel fiber:

1. Industrial Floor

2. Parking Lots

3. Airport Runway

4. Ports


Production strength:

1. It has 10 improved production lines imported from Korea, which can produce steel fibers with a tensile strength of 1100-2400MPA.

2. According to customer needs, various special-shaped end hooks and special material steel fibers with special coatings can be customized, with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons.
stainless steel fiber

R & D strength:

Cooperate with the Building Materials Department of the Hebei University of Technology to create a steel fiber innovation and application studio, dedicated to the innovation and development of steel fiber and the

application research of steel fiber.
stainless steel fiber

Why Use Stainless Steel Fiber?

1. High Strength: Stainless steel fibers are known for their high tensile strength, which makes them suitable for use in applications that require strong and durable materials.

2. Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel fibers are highly resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for use in harsh environments where other materials may deteriorate.

3. Heat Resistance: Stainless steel fibers can withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for use in applications such as furnace linings and heat exchangers.

4. Electrical Conductivity: Stainless steel fibers are good conductors of electricity, making them suitable for use in electrical applications where conductivity is important.

5. Chemical Resistance: Stainless steel fibers are resistant to many chemicals, making them suitable for use in applications where exposure to chemicals is common.

6. Lightweight: Stainless steel fibers are lightweight, making them ideal for use in applications where weight is a concern.

7. Versatility: Stainless steel fibers can be used in a wide range of applications, including concrete reinforcement, filtration, and textile manufacturing, among others.


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