high tensile strength steel fiber

Material: Thick steel plate or ingot
Features: Suitable for subway tunnel segment&floor on piles
Alloy Or Not: Non-alloy
Secondary Or Not: Non-secondary
Delivery Time: 20-30days
Diameter: 0.55mm,0.62mm,0.75mm


Packaging: 20kg/bag, 1.25 tons/ton bag
Product: HF-6535,HF-8050,HF-8060
Diameter: 0.55mm,0.62mm,0.75mm
Length: 35mm,50mm,60mm
L/D Ratio Tensile Strength: 65,85,80
Type: Glued
Technique: Cold Drawn
Tensile Strength: >1100 N/mm2
Brand name: Sino East
Place of Origin: Tianjin, China



Certainly effectively improve the crack resistance, tensile strength, and shear strength of concrete;


1.Much better crack controls than traditional plain concrete and rebalmeshreinforced concrete;

2.Additionally improve the impact resistance, abrasion resistance, fatigue strength, and toughness of concrete;

3.No corrosion problem;


High tensile strength steel fiber are suitable for large-scale construction of laser leveling equipment. They will effectively accelerate the speed of construction.

More cost-effective:

High tensile strength steel fiber can meet the same concrete performances nes with rebars or meshes reinforcement with les moteriolaCosts.Steel fibers are suitable for large constructions, which can save labor

costs, and significantly shorten the construction period.

More environmental protection:

Moreover, high tensile strength steel fiber can improve the curability of the concerto, and prolong the life of the concrete.


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